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By Goodluck Musinguzi

The US Ambassador in Uganda appreciated the Ministry of Health for accountability for past health emergencies and planning for future outbreaks. I trust that through the Ebola recovery plan outlined today, Uganda will become stronger and better prepared to respond to future health threats like Ebola.

Her Excellency Natalie E. Brown, U.S. Ambassador to Uganda, said the Ministry of Health needs all the support to fight a future pandemic or epidemic. The United States of America is ready to support and is pleased with the accountabilities.

Yonas Tegegn WOLDEMARIAM , the WHO Uganda says, “today we engage with the donor community at the Ebola accountability forum to update them on the ebola preparedness in Uganda. Partners involved in the readiness will also give an account of their work over the past year in the preparedness.
Ebola stakeholders preparedness accountability forum underway. This forum allows all key players to provide details of the funds received and spent on Ebola preparedness in Uganda.
Ministry of Health always organizes an Ebola Stakeholders’ Preparedness Accountability Forum. The forum brings together all players in the Ebola preparedness response in Uganda to provide actual details on funding received and activities it’s been used on.
Today, partners supporting the Ministry of Health in the Ebola response preparedness are engaged in an accountability forum to brief the Ministry on the work done, so far, by each partner in the response. This will guide and inform the way forward in the response.

The Minister of Health, Hon Jane Ruth Aceng attended the 3rd Ebola Virus Disease accountability Forum at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Kampala. The meeting is chaired by the Director General of Health Services Dr Henry Mwebesa

Ministry of Health Held a good accountability meeting with all our key stakeholders in Ebola preparedness. We discussed how the various partners had spent funds. I appreciate all our partners who continue to support us & lead steadfastly in our preparedness for the deadly outbreak in DRC.
Ministry of Health engages with donors to brief them on the progress in Ebola preparedness in Uganda. At this forum, partners involved in preparedness also showcase their work.

“We’ve been able to mobilize 18.4M USD, train health workers in the high-risk districts, beef up logistics, erect isolation facilities and most importantly convene the EbolaAccountability Forum- a forum that enabled all partners to share their work.

Hon Jane Ruth Aceng convenes Ebola accountability forum with the donor community to reflect on Uganda’s Ebola preparedness. This forum also provides an opportunity for all partners involved in Ebola preparedness to exhibit their work so far.

Information coming in indicates that has unresolved accountability issues regarding COVID-19 funds and that the Ebola budget was inflated more than twice. Unfortunately, this could be what is affecting the frontline workers in the field

Lessons I have learned from working on Covid19, and Ebola over the past 4 years  ‘The COVID-19 pandemic reminds us that disease outbreaks are all about people: behaviours are both their fuel and solution’ 


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  1. Thank you to Dr Diana Atwine and Dr Jane Ruth Aceng for the energy

  2. This shows the trust donors have in Ministry of Health.

  3. Ministry of Health thanks for assuring us that you will use the money given to you properly

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