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Be very vigilant about Ebola: Napak leaders urge the community

Be very vigilant about Ebola: Napak leaders urge the community.

Leaders from Napak district have called out on their community to be on the lookout for any possible Ebola danger in their localities.

They made this call while appearing for a radio talkshow in one of the local radio stations (AKICA FM) in Moroto.

The leaders, District Health Officer, LC5 and Resident District Commissioner all called for calm and cooperation with the health workers for the better Management of the situation when it arises.

According to Dr. Timothy Teko the DHO Napak, the community seem to be reluctant about Ebola with the guise that it doesn’t spread out like formerly COVID-19.

“Most of our people say Ebola is not as serious as coronavirus but I want to tell them that Ebola also kills with similar symptoms. Although it can be got through contact with an infected person or substance, this can be more desustrous,” Dr. Teko said.

He plauded the people of Kangole for being vigilant enough and informing the authorities when they suspected a certain woman who showed signs of the disease but was later found out that she had taken too much alcohol.

“When they saw the woman staggering and very week, they rushed and informed the responsible teams who later discovered that the lady was actually drunk,” he said.

But the local council LC5 Mr. John Paul Kodet warned the community to avoid over taking alcohol in an empty stomach to avoid such incidents that can lead to loss of life.

Mr. Kodet said some people have gone as far as selling the little food at very lower costs to traders forgetting that they (Napak) was well hit by the hunger situation including areas that used to be the district’s food basket.

He called upon all local leaders to ensure that they support the health workers to sensitize their people about Ebola and other diseases that the community often ignores like vaccination against polio and malnutrition in children and some pregnant mothers.

The Resident District Commissioner Mr. Denis Okori said much as Ebola is far, a case was suspected as near as Soroti and that distance is too small for them to relax.

He called for conserted efforts from all stakeholders in managing such situations and especially the community as they are the possible hosts to suspecting cases.

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